Dancing With Me – Original Song

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they don’t before they do. At least that’s the premise for every Hallmark Movie and my original song “Dancing With Me”. When it comes to love and dating, most of us have made our share of mistakes. Let’s face it, dating is a mix of highs and lows; a desire to be with the one you love and to share how you feel, mixed with missteps, bad timing, and misunderstandings; intertwined with intermittent serendipitous bliss.

“Dancing With Me” is based on personal experience. ¬†Several years ago, I attended a social event and noticed a woman across the room. I wanted to meet her, but before I could speak to her she slipped out of the room. I wondered if she had received a text message or a phone call. Or perhaps if she left because she didn’t find who she was looking for. Nonetheless, in a matter of seconds, she slipped out of the room.

As fate would have it, our paths crossed again. Several months later in a different city at a different event, we finally met. At first things moved slowly, but to me our relationship always seemed to hold promise. Every now and again, we would get together or run into each other at another party. One day I decided to take the leap and tell her that I really liked her. But in the end she pushed me away. In budding relationships, it’s often hard to understand or to even know why things don’t work out. Middle-aged dating is complicated and everyone has a story.

Contrary to the real life ending that I experienced, I created a Hallmark Movie ending for this song. I added it because that’s what I hope for anyone that is in a potentially meaningful relationship. I hope that the missteps, bad timing, and misunderstandings can be overcome. That somehow love will win over everything that seems to prevent it from ever blossoming. That in the end, things will work out, just like in any good Hallmark Movie.

I recorded this song at Imurj Studios in Raleigh NC. ¬†I recorded several guitar tracks, and added a subtle vocal harmony. The 1st guitar solo represents the “trying to get in step” part of the relationship. The second guitar solo is more passionate and fluid, and leads to the resolution of the song.

I imagine this song being played as the first song at a wedding for a couple that has had their share of ups and downs trying to make it to that special day. It would be cool to have Tim McGraw or Garth Brooks record it some day.

To all I say, if you have the chance for love, take it. If you have love, hold on to it and protect it. And, if your heart has been broken, it will eventually heal.

Thanks for listening…

–Mark Salyers

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